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BDP | Comercio Exterior - Why BDP


  • • BDP will help you do direct business with the best food suppliers, according with your business need
  • • Reduction of business risk by having as partners the finest, previously evaluated food producers.
  • • BDP will give you support and assistance at all times, in origin as well as destination, with permanent offices in both locations.
  • • The local BDP team will make it easier for you to work with our partners suppliers. All tasks involved in this kind of business are carried out in a more efficient way thanks to the support of the professional team in destination.
  • • Speaking your language and knowing how things are done in the market, allow us to act efficiently.
  • • Assists in the programming of business agenda’s and commercial trips to the country of origin.
  • • We care about business and people making it happen, establishing and developing relationships in the long term.