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BDP | Comercio Exterior - Products
Fresh Fruit

• CHILE: grapes, kiwis, apples, stone fruits, cherries, citrus, pomegranate, avocados, pears, blueberries, etc.
• PERU: grapes, pomegranate, mangoes, figs, blueberries and dates.
• U.S: grapes, apples, pears, etc.

We help importers and retailers to find the right supplier, according to the season. By connecting them with suppliers from different parts of the world, we help them to source fruit all year round.

Chile’s natural features, its phytosanitary wealth, and its condition as a counter-season with larger consumer markets, are part of the foundations of the successful development that the Chilean fruit industry has had. The Chilean fruit industry has been consolidated as one of the main export activities of the country, with fresh fruit export values for more than US$ 5,000 million anually (FOB value).

For years, farmers and businessmen involved in agriculture have worked in an efficient and clean manner, producing different fruits that are highly praised worldwide.



Chilean wines, from entry level to the most finest premium wines Chilean Wine is known for its excellent quality, consistency, and reasonable prices. This has positioned Chile as the wine country of the New World and the fourth largest exporter of wines around the world. The use of technology has allowed improving constantly the quality of the produced wines, a fact that is recognized on a yearly basis by numerous awards at the most prestigious international contests.

Currently, there are over 340 vineyards covering a surface of 125,000 hectares of different varieties. Chile exports more than 900 million liters of wine to more than 145 countries in all continents. BDP's offers a wide range of wines, we have a large group of wineries, which have a wide portfolio of wines: bulk, entry level and the most finest premium wines.

Dried fruit & Nuts

Prunes, raisings, walnuts, almonds and dates.

Chile is the largest prune exporter in the world, present in over 70 countries. Around 11 thousand hectares of plums are planted in Chile for dehydrating, and close to 75 thousand tons are produced annually. And Chile is the N°1 walnut exporter of the southern hemisphere and is among the top three providers worldwide. The Mediterranean climate and unique geographical, weather and soil conditions permits a top-quality products in terms of size, color, aroma and taste.

Perú is the larger dates producer in south hemisphere, making them a very attractive provider for countries with a high Muslim population in the northern hemisphere.

Fish and seafood

Salmon, mussels and much more

The Chilean Fish and Seafood Industry - particularly trout and salmon - has been one of the icons of Chile's economic drive, comparative advantages, and competitive nature at a global scale. In just two decades of development, this activity has become one of the stars of Chile's economy.

The Chilean Salmon Industry is characterized by its great innovative spirit. 20 years ago, salmon harvesting was a gamble that required making great efforts in investigation and constant innovation to adapt to a highly competitive global environment. Thanks to trade of products with added value, Chile is currently the second producer of Salmon in the World, and the first producer of Trout worldwide. Chile is now the second largest producer of salmon world, after Norway and it is also among the top five mussel growers.

olive oil

High quality extra virgin olive oil.

An ideal Mediterranean climate for this species and a lengthy experience in agro-industrial production, have allowed the Chilean olive oil industry to achieve efficiency with a product renowned worldwide, capable of competing with the top ranked olive oils around the globe.

The companies associated with BDP have thousands of hectares of olive plantations. All are high density orchards managed with the most modern production techniques. They annually produce close to 4 million liters of extra virgin, organic, and flavored olive oils, with production increasing every year.


Frozen fruits and vegetables, pulp & purees, meats

Chile currently produces a wide variety of high quality foods. Among these areas of production are frozen vegetables, pulp, meat, industries which have seen strong growth in the past few years.

With the sophistication of the food industry as a worldwide tendency, and the growing demand of products with a high added value, a new generation of processed foods has emerged in Chile: unique, sophisticated, competitive , and with high quality standards, this generation of premium foods has been designated as gourmet products. foto de fruta congelada que envié en mail anterior.